the way that I feel about you will be reflected

like a prism


world premiere


An Online Piece
April 2020

Phyre is a little fable about loneliness and looking for connections. In a fictional timeline, a young woman navigates her loss during a time of widespread uncertainty. 


Phyre is completely contained on a single site and may be visited with most devices. Expand videos and galleries by clicking on them if you like. All content and characters are fictional and were created for this piece.    

Phyre is a sequel to our live piece Pre-Phyre which you may learn more about here

Please consider making a Pay-What-You-Like ticket purchase to support our artists during these real times of isolation. 

Enter Phyre 

Content Warnings

What is the age appropriate level of Phyre?

We believe that the content of Phyre is appropriate for ages 16 and up. Characters use some curse words.

Is there violence shown in the content?

No. While there are references to the wolrd being in a sort of lockdown, there are no references to violence.

Is there sexual assault featured in the content?

None at all

Is there any misogyny in the content?

There is no direct mysogynistic content however there are some gas lighting and manipulative characters shown

Is there racist content?

None in the direct content but questions of using the talent of black artists to benefit white wealth are at play.

Is there homophobic or transphobic content?

None at all. There are characters and actors across the gender spectrum

Is there suicide in the content?

None at all

Is there any violence against animals in the content?

No. No depictions or references are made of violence towards animals.