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the way that I feel about you will be reflected

like a prism


world premiere


An Online Piece
April 2020

Phyre is a little fable about loneliness and looking for connections. In a fictional timeline, a young woman navigates her loss during a time of widespread uncertainty. 


Phyre is completely contained on a single site and may be visited with most devices. Expand videos and galleries by clicking on them if you like. All content and characters are fictional and were created for this piece.    

Phyre is a sequel to our live piece Pre-Phyre which you may learn more about here

Please consider making a Pay-What-You-Like ticket purchase to support our artists during these real times of isolation. 

Enter Phyre 

  • What is the age appropriate level of Mad Deep?
    We believe that the content of Mad Deep is appropriate for ages 17 and up. Mad Deep references several current events and does mention the Epstein Case but does not go into detail regarding any actions. There is adult language. There is a video game featured that has violent content. The video with the most adult language is coded +R
  • Is there violence shown in the content?
    Mad Deep features a charcter who uses violent language and talks about acts of vioence. There is one video that verbally describes theoretical violence in detail that would be in a R movie. If you wish to not view that content, please look for the “+R” next to the link or video. Mad Deep features a clip of a popular violent video game where monsters are shot with assault weapons. It is animated. If you would like to not see the video game violence, please look for the code “+V” next to the link or video. You may then choose to not play that video. There are references to past political assassinations and violence described in a way that would be seen in a text book.
  • Is there sexual assault featured in the content?
    There are no acts of sexual assault shown in any of the content. No characters who have been victims or perpetrators of sexual assault are featured. There are no words or phrases about sexual assult. There are videos that say the words “Jeffry Epstein” and “trafficking” but the actions are not discussed beyond that only that he hurt children.
  • Is there any misogyny in the content?
    There is one character who uses slurs associated with “Incel community” which uses insulting slang about women three times. It also features a pro-life point of view though this is not the main topic of the content. This content is labeled with a “+R” you may then choose not to follow that link or play that video.
  • Is there racist content?
    There is a character who comes from a belief system of white supremacy and expeesses such beliefes. He does not use any specific slur in the content. This content is labeled with “+R" Mad Deep uses themse inspired by HP Lovecraft, who was a noted racist even during his time of the 1920s. His work often used thinly velied and not so thinly vieled metaphors for immagrants and non-white people as part of his exploration of "mosters." We wanted to adress the ugliness of Lovecraft's legaccy by stripping his racism of its metaphoric and literary nature.
  • Is there homophobic or transphobic content?
    There is a character who uses one slur associated with homophobia. The character also uses a non-specific phrase meant to insult non-cis people. That video is labeled with a “+R” so you may choose to not interact with it. There is a charcater who references an older family member not being comfortable with queer culture in the 1970s.
  • Is there suicide in the content?
    Suicicde is not shown nor directly discussed as an action. Characters refer to leaving but do not reference or discuss suicide. Jeffrey Epstein is referred to as being assasinated.
  • Is there any violence against animals in the content?
    No. No depictions or references are made of violence towards animals.
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