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Die-Cast Video 

Samples from our live and digital work 

InterTerrestrial - 2021

Commissioned for the Site Responsive I-Park Biennale 

This work was written, composed, performed, filmed, and edited to completion during the 3-week Environmental Art Residency in the 350-acre pen air gallery in Connecticut. 

The video was embedded in a larger mixed-media installation and included a VR version of the work. 

Baal & Dix - 2022

Fringie Award for Best Immersive Work for the 2022 FringArts Festival.

This immersive work was performed at the Brauhaus Schmitz Beer Hall in Philadelphia. 

After The Before Times - 2022

Commissioned for the Everyday Futures Festival through the Da Vinci Art Alliance 

The video was embedded in a larger mixed-media installation and included extra features available through QR codes in the physical installation. 

Temporary Occupancy - 2020

Commissioned for the No Vacancy Public Works Festival in Miami Beach

This work featured a 28-minute long video live-streamed and projected two stories high on an exterior wall on the busy Ocean Drive each night for ten days.

The piece ran during the 2020 Miami Art Week and earned the Juried Prize of $20,000

Upon Reentry - 2021

This immersive sound and movement performance piece was created to explore the tragic Columbia shuttle’s failed mission as a metaphor for coming back into a post-pandemic life.

Menagerie of Angels -  2018

This piece was commissioned by the international Tennesee Williams festival in Provincetown to explore the themes of masculinity and queer identities in the work of Tennessee Williams using new text and movement. 

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Video portfolio is currently not available for mobile devices. Please check out our Photo Gallery.  
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