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Please explore these photos and video samples from a few of Die-Cast's recent works. These samples represent only a portion of the full portfolio, but they aim to provide a sense of Die-Cast's style and values.

Upon Reentry 

Created in 2021


The immersive sound and performance piece uses the tragic Columbia shuttle's failed mission as a metaphor for returning to post-pandemic life. The piece is brought to life through the use of prerecorded text and sound, with performers utilizing breath and movement.

This is an example of an immersive performance with smaller solo chapters combined to make a larger whole. 


Created in 2021


Commissioned for the I-Park Biennale

This work was written, composed, performed, filmed, and edited to completion during the 3-week Environmental Art Residency.

This screenshot shows an example of the VR option InerTerrestrial offered. Remote visitors could visit the installation and go deeper into the work using VR glasses as well as more tablets, phones, and laptops to move around the spaces.


Created in 2019


This work was an immersive, site-specific performance piece that adapted the writing of H.P Lovecraft through the lens of Black, Queer, Jewish, and Femme perspectives.


The photos share the way "chapters" and "ensemble movement" combine in our work.  

Temporary Occupancy 

Created in 2020

Commissioned for Art Week Miami, winner of the $20,000 Juried Prize. 


Maria Elena Ortiz, Associate Curator at the Perez Art Museum Miami, noted that. "With impressive technological qualities, Temporary Occupancy is an ambitious and poignant project, embodying the artistic spirit of Miami Beach."