Die-Cast Believes


The needs of our audiences are changing and we must expand practices to meet those needs.

Modern audiences value Experience and Liveness. The physical space is an essential aspect of performance's liveness and must be considered to be as central as the text. 

Work created within the Collective Intelligence of a group of artists offers a wider and deeper perspectivecollaboration is the culmination of the hive–mind. 


From sandbox gaming to social media to the very portals of the internet, the concept of Open World is changing the way we interact with our world. Art should craft work that acknowledges this new understanding. 

The Mind Wanders 40%  of the time, contributing to a general unhappiness. Art should engage the mind fully by allowing the body and the perspective to wander. This encourages participants To Be Present and active with the work.


People want to Share their Experiences, be it online or in person. Sharing experiences strengthens empathy. 


Work should encourage audiences to experience the piece individually. This Encourages Exchange between individuals in order to get a full understanding; they must share their experiences with each other in order to understand the whole. 


Reexamining the relationship between narrative, space, and audience is the natural next step towards Gesamtkunstwerk  or "total work of art” in terms of theater and performance.