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What good is the world without subversives and deviants 


world premiere adaptation 



A Comic Adaptation 
Cape Cod 2018
Comic-Con NYC 2019
Nominated for the 2019 Harvey Award for
Best Adaptaion of a Comic Book 

This stage adaptation was based on the multi-award-winning comic series, The Snagglepuss Chronicles, by Mark Russell. The DC comic reimagined the titular pink lion as a gay southern playwright facing down a 1950's USA and received multiple awards, including Comic of the Decade from Digital Arts as well as Comic Beat. Die-Cast was honored to bring a staged adaptation to audiences in Cape Cod and NYC. 


"Although the crowd roared with laughter throughout much of the reading, a great number of us also had tears in our eyes at this ending. The talented actors from Die-Cast and some of the other productions from the festival populated the comic book world on stage and it made this reading a true of celebration" - Medium 

From Page to Stage

Cover Image by Ben Caldwell
Image of Comic Art by Mike Feehan
Harvey Awards 2019
Cast of NYC ComicCon
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