About Us

Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by Forcing Molten Metal under high pressure into a mold cavity, filling the mold entirely to create a new object.


Die-Cast was founded by Brenna Geffers and Thom Weaver in order to explore new relationships between the visitor and space. Die-Cast incubates work within spaces that are often inaccessible to audiences or are not thought of as performative spaces.  We look to fill those spaces with the work and have the work shaped by the space in turn. 


We have invited visitors into derelict ballrooms, historical mansions, and even schooner ships. We have created work for digital spaces, allowing audiences to choose their own adventures using chatbots and Buzzfeed quizzes. We have been nominated for the prestigious Harvey Award for Best Adaptation of A Comic Book alongside Hollywood Blockbusters. We are iconoclasts in our hearts and have never worried about the hero’s journey.


Die-Cast believes in the Collective Creation process.  Artists have fluid boundaries and all are authors of each piece in some way to ensure that every project is a unique expression of the exact bodies in the space. We believe that a deep sense of kinesthetic awareness and groupthink are essential to creating new work as a collective.  We seek a deeper collaboration in order to work towards a Total Theater dynamic.

Die-Cast is always looking for new partners and collaborators. While we are based in the unceded lands of the Leni Lenape also known as Philadelphia, we have partnered with organizations from around the nation. 

Do you have a space whose story needs to be told? Are you interested in signing onto our manifesto?

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