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Collective Creation Workshop 

Physical Storytelling


January 27, Noon - 4:30

Siena College Theater Studio, 515 New Loudon Rd, Loudonville, NY 


Due to a family emergency within the collective, we are postponing the January 13 workshop. We are finalizing the change and will update the site soon. If you would like to be sure you are updated about the new date and time, let us know here! 

Join Die-Cast for a day in the studio in a Pay What You Wish workshop. 


Die-Cast is an award-winning artist collective focusing on immersive, sight-responsive performance and installation. We believe in radical collaboration where artists create work for themselves and each other using our Collective Creation process. 

Join us in the studio for a day of physical storytelling, ensemble work, and kinesthetic response. 

We will be working with some aspects of the Suzuki Method, Le Coq, Attis, contact improvisation, and ensemble-driven work. 

This is a welcoming space for a variety of levels.

Seasoned Pro looking to brush up? Welcome! Theatre student looking to expand? Hey! Community Artist looking to explore! We love to see you! Interested audience member who might want to mostly watch? That is cool! 

You may work with or step away from any exercise you wish! 

This is a Pay What You Wish workshop. If you have the means to support another artist's journey, please do. If you want to join but worry that you can't afford it - don't worry. Just sign up. We already waived the fees for you. 

Things to note:

We will be working with some text from the classic contemporary cannon: Think Sheppard or Williams. This will be less focused on acting and more shared storytelling - aka two actors playing one role at the same time. We will have some on hand, but if you are into something specific right now - write to us! It's probably cool! 


Much of this work uses physical contact. You may opt-out at any point. 


This work is not just for the overly athletic or adonis-esque. We promise. 

If there is anything else you want to know, please ask, just ask us! 


PS- there will most likely be another session focused more on creating text together. So maybe stay tuned. 

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