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What Is Immersive Work?


Immersive work is a type of performance that changes the audience's physical relationship with the content they are given.

It takes many forms, just like any genre.  Die-Cast's productions are often immersive in some way but not always the same way.

Check out our Manifesto to learn Why we do what we do.


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What does Die-Cast mean by Immersive and what can you expect most of the time?

There is no single place for the audience to watch the performance.

Instead of being given a seat assignment with your ticket, you are invited into a larger space to explore. While there are often places for you to sit throughout your time in a Die-Cast piece, the characters and events move around the space. Literally. 


You choose what to watch and follow the characters who pique your interest.

Scenes, events, and character revelations happen in different locations at

the same time.  Did you ever read those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books?

Or play Skyrim? Or browse the internet? That is the basic idea.


You are not able to see every element of the piece.

While our immersive pieces have a certain amount of repetition inside of them,

part of the experience is to choose what elements you wish to observe and

which elements you are willing to forgo.  Bring a friend and split up. 

Then compare notes.  Theatre is a team sport.


Our stories do not follow a traditional linear narrative.

Your experience inside of an immersive piece will not have a single beginning,

climax, and resolution as seen in traditional storytelling. Because your choices

and interests shape what, how, and in what order you experience the different

moments, you may experience catharsis early on or never at all.

Catharsis is not our aim; it is just one element of an experience.

And not even a necessary one.

Our work incorporates visual and audio overlapping.

You should expect to see images that connect and resonate across the space. You should expect to be able to hear other events and characters around the space. Don’t be afraid to zoom out every so often and enjoy the overlap.

You may be touched to guide you or move you to safety. But there is no unexpected contact made during our work. And please don’t touch us.


You are not expected – nor invited – to participate in the work. You do not speak nor interact with the artists. While this is part of many immersive style pieces, this is not an element that is used in Die-Cast’s work.

There are elements of immersive work that can be barriers for audiences. Standing, moving to different rooms, challenging acoustics all can be part of this work. While we have hosted audiences of all adult ages, we acknowledge that there is still a lot of work to be done to develop immersive theatre that is accessible to all. We are not there yet but we are working towards it. If you want to get involved in this needed conversation and growth, let us know!

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