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She was swallowed up by the water.

Just like everything else. 


After the Before Times

In-person Immersive Installation Now
at Da Vince Art Alliance, 704 Catharine St  Phila


Or experience the music, text, and movement digitally 


Would you like to support the artists who created this work?
Do a PWYL ticket! 

When the waters began to rise, we were surprised. We shouldn’t have been. Explore this pocket world featuring a new installation and video performance art piece.  


After the Before Times is an immersive installation and performance art video project that explores the climate crisis. Commissioned for the Da Vinci Art Alliance and the Everyday Futures Fest, this world premiere will be part of a month-long series of exhibitions centered on sustainability. 


Somewhere in the future, a woman tells her loved one stories of the “before times.” A series of intimate bedtime stories paint the portrait of a world flooded and a society separated into small, isolated communities. Each story is vividly rendered using movent, text, and music filmed on different coasts around the US. 


Visitors can explore an outdoor installation, where details and debris of this future world create a physical environment. The installation includes video and sound featuring the stories of the Before Times. Visitors can also connect to a 360° digital world that expands the physical installation. Bring your smartphones and earbuds to best explore the world. 


After the Before Times will be on exhibit at the Da Vinci Arts Association. Written and created by the Die-Cast collective, the work can be experienced in-person or digitally.

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