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Congratulations on being recommended for admittance by one of our members!


Each day begins with deep breathing and group stretches. Each night is concluded with song and dance. We share nutritious five-star meals and enjoy the highest quality wine and cocktails together. We have access to items most people consider unattainable these days. We pride ourselves on the creation of a place where extraordinary people can come together during these trying times.

We hope you will be one of these people!

In order to cultivate a cohesive and harmonious collective, we ask that potential members like you help us get to know you better.  Please fill out the following application, including the first day you would be available to join us in Philadelphia. Keep in mind that we will be able to help you access the proper relocation authorization and tickets for your travels. 

Please be as honest as you can, for your benefit as well as ours.

We look forward to taking the next steps

Admissions Application 

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