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world premiere
A Play with Drinks
Philadelphia 2019

There is a new cocktail joint opening where the old neighborhood dive used to be. Progress? The stories of a Philly block are shaken and stirred through the perspective of bartender Whitey as he struggles to understand his place in a place he knows he doesn’t belong.

Each new chapter features a unique craft cocktail that lets you taste the story as you hear it. Sip a botanical habanero gin concoction while you learn the fate of Hope’s Garden. Consider the Margarita; it’s the only drink on the menu that the bartender didn’t invent.  Each full ticket comes with at least four 2oz cocktails crafted right in front of you.  This one-man epic-poem brings metaphors as intricate as the handmade paprika syrup for you to savor. Or choke on.  Welcome to the neighborhood.

"As a performer, White is impressive. He is charming, funny and friendly, as any good dive bartender should be, but when the stories get serious, White’s expressions of empathy and understanding tug at the heartstrings" - Broad Street Review

Written and performed by Davey Strattan White 



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Reserve Tickets For Full-Service 

Performance Dates: 
December 11, Bar opens at 6:00 Performance begins at 6:30
December 12, 14, 16  Bar opens at 8:00 Performance begins at 8:30 
Performances at: A Members Only Club on 17th and Delancy St. Phila 19147
A Full-Service Bar Stool - $25 -
One Bar Stool with at least four 2oz Craft Cocktails
A Partner's Bar Stool  - $35 -
One Bar Stool and One Standing Bar Space with four Cocktails to share between
you and your partner. 
A Table Seat - Pay What You Like
One Seat at the tables around the bar. Cocktails not included. 
There is a Cash Bar available before and after the performance. 
Seating is limited and reservations are strongly encouraged

We will be in contact about payment options. We look forward to serving you.

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