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world premiere

Temporary Occupancy 

A Hybrid Installation and Online Experience 
Public Works Installation Miami Beach December 2 - 12, 2020
Immersive Digital Journey December 10 - 20, 2020

Temporary Occupancy is Die-Cast’s newest inventive and physically dynamic work. 

 * Part living installation piece built for an Art Deco Hotel on Miami Beach for Art Week 

 * Part digital immersive story to explore remotely from your own home




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Content Warnings

What is the age-appropriate level of Temporary Occupancy?

We believe that the content is appropriate for ages 16 and up. Characters use some curse words.

Is there violence shown in the content?

No. There are no violent images or references in this piece.

Is there sexual assault featured in the content?

None at all.

Is there any misogyny in the content?

There is no direct mysogynistic content in this piece. One character deals with the implications of unwanted flirting in the workplace.

Is there racist content?

None in the direct content.

Is there homophobic or transphobic content?

None at all. There are characters and actors across the gender spectrum.

Is there suicide in the content?

No. The themes of isolation and grief are both present in much of the piece. A characater communes with a dead loved one. But no characater directly implies suicidal tendancies.

Is there any violence against animals in the content?

No. No depictions or references are made of violence towards animals.