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Thank you from the Phyre Pholk!

Thank You for choosing to join us for this new experiment in digital work.  This is the first time Die-Cast has tried to work with some of these tools (tiktok?!) and we are so glad that you went on this journey with us.
We have another online piece if you would like to visit and explore more of our work. Easter Egg Bonus, Ashley Ash is in Mad Deep as well. Check it out here: mad deep dish
We are currently creating a NEW online piece called Temporary Occupancy that explores movement and overlapping moments.  So follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date!
Would you like to support the artists who created this work?
With the theaters shut down, many artists are struggling. If you enjoyed the piece, consider helping us continue to support our team. Thank you. 
You can use Paypal 
You can Venmo us @Die-Cast
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