I don't want to die alone.

I don't want to die here. 


world premiere
An Impossible Love Story
Cape Cod  2018

Menagerie of Angels was created for the Tennesee Williams Festival on Cape Cod as a collage of images and themes from the short stories and letters of Tennessee Williams. Five men from five different timelines find themselves taking their last breath in a lonely wharf house in Provincetown. Separated by time but unified by space, their lives overlap in these final moments. Each has been haunting each other's lives but only in the last gasps can they finally find each other. 


Staged immersively in the historic wharf house, audiences gather inches away from the actors,  hearing the lives of these beautiful characters flash before tier eyes. At times, intensely intimate and at times sweepingly epic, Menagerie is an ode to the fragile lines that connect us to our soul mates. 


A first showing of the piece was shared to oversold houses in Provincetown MA. The piece will continue its development for a full production in 2020. 




Menagerie of Angels

The Wharf House

Provincetown MA

At the end of a long pier, this old wharf house is directly over the water.