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Mad Deep Dish 

A Digital Experience September 2019

8 DieCast Mad Deep .jpg

 Mad Deep Dish is a choose-your-own-adventure story through a dark web of characters and conspiracies. There are many paths to wander and we invite you to visit more than once to get the full experience.

Mad Deep Dishes uses AI and Videos  to open up stories and possibilities for you to choose and explore. All content and characters are fictional and created for this piece.    

Mad Deep Dish is a Prequel to Yellow and a partner piece to Pre-Phyre.  

What To Know

About A Digitial Performance Piece. 

 1. All of the content is online and can be accessed by most devices and computers capable of connecting to the internet. 

 2. All of the content has been newly created specifically for Mad Deep Dish. The writing, pop-ups, characters are all fictional. 

 3. Content Warnings can be found below if you would like to scroll down. 

 4. Mad Deep uses programs that "pop up" throughout the piece. Because of this we ask that you use Incognito or Private window on your browser. What this does is clears your internet history from the current browser.  Your computer is not put at any risk nor is it more vulnerable. It simply clears your history for that single window or tab. This allows the pop-ups to function with ease and speed. 

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