Are you there? 

I can almost feel you. 

I miss you. 


Possibilities Abound 


"The Die-Cast theatre company from Philadelphia was built for this sort of thing... {they} are responsible for some of the east coast’s most innovative, existentially-minded takes on what it means to create theater in the 21st Century."

- Dosage Magazine, September 2021 

We like to think of ourselves a little like mad scientists, tinkering, and mixing, and experimenting with new elements to see how it will all turn out. 

So what are we tinkering with now?

This month, we are working with the San Diago Opera's Opera Hack. We are thrilled to be talking about new approaches to melding technology and live performance with artists and engineers from around the country!

This summer, we will begin a series of works built for outdoor spaces. These installation-performance hybrids will explore how the human consciousness occupies the natural world. 

This fall, we will be continuing our adventures in Discord, extending our Dispatches from Gloria experiment in to live, in-person events matched with our immersive collage on the Discord platform. 

More news to come from the wild world of Die-Cast. Until then, find us out there in the digital realms and the real world!