Possibilities Abound 


"The Die-Cast theatre company from Philadelphia was built for this sort of thing..."

- dosageMagazine, September 2020 


* we are not a theatre company. 

We like to think of ourselves a little like mad scientists, tinkering, and mixing, and experimenting with new elements to see how it will all turn out. 

So what are we tinkering with now?

Well, right now, we are part of the Orchard Project Greenhouse Lab. We meet virtually with other creators from around the world. We can't wait to share the work we are building within this amazing cohort. You can learn more about it HERE 

This winter, we will be going into studio mode. We will be training, building, breathing, and wrtitng in preparation for another slew of work. Kind of like hybernating but exactly the opposite. We will be able to share what's next with you soon. 

More news to come from the wild world of Die-Cast. Until then, find us out there in the digital realms and the real world! 

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