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Possibilities Abound 


"The Die-Cast theatre company from Philadelphia was built for this sort of thing..."

- dosageMagazine, September 2020 


* we are not a theatre company. 

We like to think of ourselves a little like mad scientists, tinkering, mixing, and experimenting with new elements to see how it will all turn out. 

So what are we tinkering with now?

Well, right now, we are getting ready for a wild summer. 

We are developing some solo pieces about Icons and how we find ourselves inside of their skin. Think Cowbois, Greek Gods, and such.

We will be traveling north to the sea and bringing a new immersive piece that explores that vintage sci-fi and fantasy stories from back in the day. Perhaps there will be a little Lovecraft? You will have to stay tuned to find out. 

This spring, we shared a work-in-progress of our Planet of the Bored Apes, a piece that seeks utopia in the digital world. We have more exciting plans for that piece coming soon. 

More news to come from the wild world of Die-Cast. Look for us in the tri-state area and New England! 

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