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I believe we can back

I need to believe it 


Upon Re-entry 

An in-person and digital immersive
parable about returning home

In Person Event November 18 through November 21
Digital Immersive Event Begins November 19th

After more than a year of pandemic life, how can we get back to normal? Is it possible? Should we even try?


Upon Re-entry uses the tragic events of the Columbia shuttle, which failed its re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere, as a parable for our current moment. When trying to return home, the crew of a space shuttle must approach their re-entry at an exact angle and speed. To rush the return is fatal. 


An ensemble of artists creates an immersive world of text, music, and movement that blur the lines between the real-life events of the 2003 NASA catastrophe and reflections from a year sheltering in. 

What have we lost? What have we learned? Are we ready to re-enter our old orbits? 


This piece is presented gallery-style. Visitors reserve an entry time. Stay and explore as long or as little as you like. All artists and visitors must be vaccinated and masked the entire experience. 


In tandem with the live, in-person event, Die-Cast will create a fully immersive, 360-degree digital world for remote visitors to explore.  

This piece was commissioned in partnership with the Antoinette Westphal College of Media, Art and Design Entertainment and Arts Management Program. 

This work was built on the unceded lands of the Lenni Lanape people, the indigenous people of the Northeastern Woodlands. This land acknowledgment does not exist in a past tense or historical context: colonialism is a current ongoing process. 

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