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Welcome Hofstra Irish Studies Students and Guests!

Chapter Topics Are:

  • Irish Immigration And Its Impact on American Theater

  • Eugene O'Neill and Realism in American Theater 

  • A Monologue from Long Days Journey into Night

  • Hairy Ape and Expressionism 

  • Slang  in Hairy Ape (monologue) 

  • Production Sample from my Hairy Ape 

  • Why Now? Working with Problematic texts

  • Women in O'Neill's work (monologue) 

  • Practical Performance: The Die-Cast Breathwork 

  • Production Sample From A Die-Cast Piece 

My name is Brenna and I am the co-founder of Die-Cast. We are going to cover a few topics together. You can see an overview of each topic to your right. As you listen to videos, scroll through the gallery to see visual aids. We could spend a whole full lecture on each of these topics. So PLEASE if you want to know more about a topic, reach out! I will direct you to more resources! Email me!

Part 3: O'Neill's Poetry in Language with Long Day's Journey Monolgue   

Part 6: Production Example of Hairy Ape