The End Is Just Gettin' Started 


world premiere
A Prohibition Project
Troy NY 2019

In a country divided, there is a battle being waged over who gets to be called an American. Workers are striking, immigrants are coming and the Democratic Party has too many candidates for the upcoming convention. It is the end of the Roaring 1920’s and everyone knows the world is about to change. But whose change will win out?  

The Prohibition Project mixes the familiar icons of the gangsters and the flappers with the lesser known socialists and politicians to create an immersive mosaic of America's wildest times.  Wander a vintage dream of illicit cocktails, smokey torch songs, and political intrigue.

Commissioned by the Troy Foundary Theatre

Ilium Was

"The action sweeps along, with scenes between and among socialists, prizefighters, politicians, labor agitators, immigrants and more, the overlapping narratives often intruding on one another, except at the few times when the company comes together for extraordinary single moments. In their unison breaths, you hear the life force of a city."

- The San Francisco Chronical