Every 92 years,


plunge the world into Famine

and War 

The time has come Again 


world premiere

The Fleecing 

A Digital Reckoning Of Survival 
Created with Almanac Dance Circus Theatre
February 5, 6, 12, & 13 at 7:00

Die-Cast is pairing up with the physical virtuosos at Almanac Dance Circus Theatre to create an evening of live performance over multiple digital platforms. The Fleecing is a digital story where you can change the outcome. 

In February of 2021, the seven planets will align with Saturn and so too will the 7 tribes of the Bumblefish gather. A time of great change and scarcity is coming and so the Bumblefish must choose one tribe to bear its greatness. After all, times are tough and cutbacks are to be expected.

Will the enigmatic Mystic tribe finally prevail? Are the Fools as altruistic as they seem?

Will your tribe survive? 

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What do I need to know? 
Tell me more about what you mean by Digital Performance?

Content Warnings

What is the age-appropriate level of The Fleecing?

We believe that the content is appropriate for ages 16 and up. Characters use some curse words. Sexual topics and themes are discussed.

Is there violence shown in the content?

The end of the piece has a moment of violence where it is apparent that a character(s) have been killed. The content includes blood but no actual attack/strike/weapon is shown.

Is there sexual assault featured in the content?

None at all.

Is there any misogyny in the content?

There is no direct mysogynistic content in this piece.

Is there racist content?

None in the direct content.

Is there homophobic or transphobic content?

None at all. There are characters and actors across the gender spectrum.

Is there suicide in the content?

No. Characters are aware that they may die as a consequence of their actions.

Is there any violence against animals in the content?

No. No depictions or references are made of violence towards animals.