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I'm taking my fantasies back!

They don't own them. 


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Dispatches From Gloria 

Online April 2021

What do you do after an insurrection? Search through the detritus of characters, images, music, games, Imposters, spoken word, zines, and nook miles in an episodic collage that is the quiet after The Storm.


How far would you go? Who do you believe? Are the voices in your head calling, Gloria?

Dispatches from Gloria explores how we construct our own understanding of the world using the stories, fantasies, and games we encounter. This multi-media piece was created for Discord and uses both live and pre-recorded material. Once you begin, you will have access to explore on your own as well as an appointment to connect live. You may return to discover more as the world grows and may attend as many Live events as you like. Don't be intimidated; we will help you connect. The internet belongs to everyone.

Dispatches is part of the 2021 Philly Theatre Week presented by Theatre Philadelphia. 

You can reserve Pay What You Like tickets HERE through Theatre Philadelphia or by contacting us HERE. 

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