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We all have stories to tell.

How do you begin to tell yours?

Writing Workshop 

Creating Character 


Monday, July 10, from 7:30 pm to 9 pm


Join Die-Cast for a night of writing. Co-founder Brenna Geffers will lead you through the writing exercises that Die-Cast uses to create our award-winning work. Whether you are a theatre artist looking to create your first solo show, a seasoned writer just looking for some new approaches, or someone who has never considered themselves a writer, this class is for you. 


We will focus first on tools to create a character, then shift to explore how to collaborate with other artists in our Collective Creation process. This will be a fun, no-pressure night where you can grab a glass of wine, pull out your notebook or laptop, and tap into your own creativity. 


At Die-Cast, we don’t believe in writer’s block. Let us show you why. 


Sunday, July 26th, 7 pm - 9 pm

Brauhaus Schmitz's Back Studio 

718 South Street Philadelphia 

This is a Pay What You Like class. 

If you have the means consider supporting other aspiring writers who do not. 

What Should I Know?

We think this class is accessible to anyone. Here are some tips. 

You can write with the instruments you are most comfortable with. You like a classic notebook and pencil? Go for it. You have a laptop that you prefer? Great! Tablet? Why not! Phone? If that's your jam. 


You can have an idea of what or Who you want to write about. Or Not! Either is great, honestly. Come as you are!


You do not have to share anything you do not want to! 


The bar will be open in the other room. Please feel to bring in drinks or snacks with you for the class, as long as they were purchased at the bar. Whatever feeds your creativity!


Are there any rules? Yes. 

This is a short session among new collaborators. We ask that you consider trigger warnings. Maybe this is not the right place to share a deeply violent story. Write it! But maybe don't share it out loud. 
You can send it to us for feedback! Or talk with Brenna after!

But consider the safety and well-being of your fellow writers. 

Any text that celebrates racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, nationalism, or anything even close to hate speech will not be tolerated. It's not edgy. It's not cool. 

It sucks. 

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