Fringe Arts 2022

Baal & Dix

Created by Die-Cast 

Conceived by Brenna Geffers 

Ross Beschler -  Dengerate, Baal, Brecht & Dix 

Colleen Corcoran -  Expert & Brecht

Anthony Crosby -  Degenerate & Dix

Jarod Hanson -  Expert, Brecht & Maxist Babe

Rachel O'Hanlon Rodriguez -  Expert & Brecht 

And Han Van Sciver as The Projection Degenerate 

Musical Composition and Performance by Han Van Sciver and Chris Sannino 

This project would not have been possible without the support of the Painted Bride, The Philadelphia Foundation, The Upper Jay Arts Center 


Ron Morin, John Burmaster, Joe Canuso, and the Hoad Family 

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